Formation of J. & G. Adrian in Wiesbaden | J. & G. Adrian GmbH - Umzugsunternehmen Wiesbaden

Formation of J. & G. Adrian in Wiesbaden

Johann Adrian from Osthofen founded a spicery, bread and flour business at Michelsberg in Wiesbaden in 1861. Two years later, he transferred this company to his two eldest sons, Jacob and Georg, who formed an open trading company from it and additionally opened a forwarding business. The forwarding company continued to develop, with the result that the original premises (the company had now moved to Marktstraße) no longer sufficed.
In 1871, the brothers therefore bought the house in Bahnhofstraße 6, which was converted for the operation of the forwarding company.
In 1884, a new building, which was used as a warehouse and furniture store, was erected in what is now Gartenfeldstraße.