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    Professional project management for your move

Project Management for Business Moves

Complete move planning - and your move goes nicely

Upwards of certain volumes or complexity levels, a complex removal project can only be implemented by means of professional project management. We will be pleased to shoulder that for you - efficiently and far-sightedly. Our project managers know from years of experience where stumbling blocks can be expected in a removal project and eliminate them completely before they even occur. Our range of services can begin as early as the location search. You will not be taking any risk with us and our routine.

We prepare a removal guide system and a removal manual for you and, in conjunction with you, coordinate all starting location and destination measures involved in the move. We have assisted companies from different industries, from SMEs to conglomerates, with their site relocation. Whether production facilities, laboratories, files, media or entire clinics are involved, you will benefit in any case from professional project management.

Analysis of the removal project

Project management/move planning

Move planning is always individually matched to your requirements, but standardized in terms of method.

  • Conduct kick-off meeting
  • Prepare project structure plan
  • Define fields of activity, assignment of responsibilities and completion dates
  • Determine interfaces
  • Draw up framework time schedule
  • Prepare project manual
  • Generate employee information system
  • Appoint removal officers

Detailed planning of the move

Example of removal project planThe second step is to plan the removal project definitively, including, for example

  • inventory recording and entering the data into a corresponding database
  • zoning planning and concrete scheduling (with names) and interior planning at the destination
  • generation of a move database
  • conducting and recording regular meetings on set days
  • updating the framework time schedule
  • coordination of all interfaces, monitoring deadlines and detailed synchronization with all parties involved
  • rough scheduling of the individual move phases and coordination with the clientOffice move layout
  • detailed scheduling
  • preparation of a removal manual
  • conducting information events for removal officers and employees

Implementing and monitoring the move

Even during this "hot phase", our specialists keep cool heads.

  • We set up a move control centre
  • We coordinate all parties involved in the move
  • All move activities are constantly monitored
  • In the event of divergences from the plan, we take timely corrective action
  • We record the services provided on a daily basis
  • We conduct a final meeting
  • We draw up "move documentation"

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