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The Removal Service for Senior Citizens

Adrian's removal service for senior citizens

As we know that changing your place of residence presents a special challenge as you grow older, we offer you the removal service for senior citizens as a special service. Our long-standing removal experience has led to our making the special needs of older people a separate service offering. From the outset, an experienced moving consultant will assist you personally, taking the mental and physical stress from you during the entire move. No matter whether the move involves antique furniture or precious memorabilia close to your heart, we will ensure that everything arrives safely!

Preparation of senior citizens' moves

  • Move home as needed in more advanced years You receive comprehensive personal advice from an experienced moving consultant
  • Assistance with household clearances
  • If you wish, we will assist you in planning your new living space
  • On request, we will store any furniture that you do not need in our warehouse
  • We will assist you with any visits to the authorities that may be required
  • Collaboration with retirement homes

In the old home

  • J. & G. Adrian supplies suitable packing materials in good time
  • we pack clothing, porcelain, antiques etc. professionally in suitable transport containers
  • we disassemble your furniture and kitchen and, if you want, reassemble it in your new home
  • Seniorenumzüge für ältere Generationenwe take down lamps, pictures and curtains
  • we offer a chauffeuring service to your new domicile
  • we undertake any necessary final cleaning and painting work
  • we dispose of anything that you no longer need

In the new home

  • packen wir die Umzugskartons aus
  • bauen wir Ihre Möbel und Ihre Küche auf
  • hängen wir Lampen, Bilder und Gardinen auf
  • reinigen wir Ihre Möbel während des Umzuges
  • schließen wir TV, Stereoanlage, Videogerät und Computer an und übernehmen die Einstellung

No matter what we can do for you, contact us!

That is why we are registered in the Senior Citizens' Directory of the regional capital, Wiesbaden.