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  • Library and archive moves with the J. & G. Adrian moving company

    We change the location, but not the order

Library/Archive Moves

Complete removal portfolio for libraries and archives

We are well versed in library and archive moves. We will ensure that everything is in its new place by the time the library/archive re-opens.

The right system enables everything to retain its order

Book trolley for ordered transport

Retention of order and sequence is essential to many areas. This applies especially to files, archives and libraries. As a move specialist, library or archive moves are an important area of activity for our removal company. We use special book trolleys to transport your book collections in the same order as they were before on your bookshelves. The trolleys are filled according to a logical principle and they are even loaded onto the removal lorry in a set order. The wheeled transportation makes a high removal speed possible and files/ books are protected in robust trolleys against impact damage. Unpacking is carried out according to the same principle, enabling you to find every document in the same place on the shelf as before, only in a changed locality.

Transportation under lock and key

Some document contain sensitive information and may only be transported under lock and key. With special security boxes we ensure that this papers get into the wrong hands. This boxes prevent unauthorized insight and are doubly secured.

Security box for locked transportation

Ansprechpartner Bibliotheks- und Archivumzug WiesbadenI will answer any questions that you have on the subject of moving libraries or archives!

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