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  • Protect the climate together with us, move in a climate-neutral manner!

    Protect the climate together with us, move in a climate-neutral manner!

Climate-Neutral Business Moves

Our partner for climate-neutral moves

Our society's environmental awareness is growing. We have internalized this fact. As a removal company, we feel that we have a special responsibility to lead by example. Active environmental and climate protection has high priority for our removal company, beyond the boundaries of Wiesbaden.

Environmentally aware customers relocate in a climate-neutral manner

The number of companies seeking environmentally friendly procurement measures is growing. To enable our customers to implement their environment-oriented corporate philosophy, we have been offering the possibility, since 2014, of carrying out climate-neutral relocations. The individual CO2 footprint is determined via a climate protection partner (Climate Partner). This enables us to identify exactly how much CO2 is produced during a business move. This quantity can then be offset via certified climate protection projects. This costs only a little more, but is extremely beneficial to our environment.

Certified climate protection

With a climate-neutral business or office move, you will be setting a positive example to customers and employees alike. By way of proof of your commitment to climate protection, you will receive an individual certificate from us, documenting your climate-neutral relocation.

Ansprechpartner Klimaneutral umziehen mit J.&G. Adrian Wiesbaden I will be pleased to provide information on the subject of climate-neutral business moves!

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