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  • Adrian - your DMS partner for Wiesbaden and beyond

    Adrian - your DMS partner for Wiesbaden and beyond

German Moving Company - Also in Wiesbaden

Linked throughout Germany, locally based

DMS network in Germany

DMS is a leading collaboration of German moving companies and currently includes more than 70 companies with over 6,000 employees. With 120 locations in Germany, DMS is a leading supplier of removal and logistics services, throughout the world as well. The owners of the J. & G. Adrian moving company were among the founding members of the "Deutsche Möbelspedition" association in 1968.

A primary goal of DMS is customer satisfaction at all times. To achieve this goal, the collaborative venture systematically aligns itself with the market. Innovative management, intensive market research and radical quality management to ISO 9001:2008 are characteristic of DMS.

In the study entitled "The top 100 logistics companies" carried out by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in 2011, DMS was ranked 31st. This means that Deutsche Möbelspedition, with its entire range of removal services, is an important force in the German logistics market.

Declaration of principle "DMS quality policy" (German)

Declaration of principle "DMS environmental policy" (German)